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3 Reasons for Why there are less Women in Tech?

Along with facing the gender disparity in population and education, women are facing the notable disparity in Tech and STEM disciplines.
According to the report submitted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in March 2017, the global gender gap in STEM stands at 47% , with 30% of
all male students, compared with only 16% female students. Here’s a closer look of why there are less women in STEM field.

1.Lack of role model
According to the new Research conducted by ISACA, 42% of the women feel to be underrepresented in the field because of the lack of female role
models in the field. This is mainly due to the stereotype of “boys being better at science and mathematics than girls”. Also, in a survey conducted by PwC, only 27% students were able to name famous Women in Tech. Sheryl Sandberg , Facebook COO, one of a high-profile woman in tech, but
the industry has yet to give rise to more female leaders as instantly recognizable as Sunder Pichai, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. A recent Forbes profile shows that, there are various women excelling in tech such as YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and IBM CEO Virginia “Ginni” Rometty, but they aren’t well known despite of being at such influential positions.

2.The Power of Perception
Perception issue is something from which women are fighting from years. An OECD report found that parents “feel like that their sons have much brighter future in STEM discipline than their daughters”. Even in some schools same tradition is practiced. Because of this, few girls at the school level are advised to not to opt for science related fields. Also while allotting streams in schools the boys are given preference above girls.

3.Lack of Talent Pool
Due to decreasing women in tech and less women studying STEM, the recruiters have to recruit from this gender biased Talent pool.
The reasons above show that there are fewer women who are studying technology based subjects at schools meaning employers have lesser women to choose from during recruitment. The reason for this can also boil down to the lack of female role models in the tech industry for young girls to
follow in their footsteps and study Science related fields.

So it is clear Tech needs women. Gender diversity in companies always have a benefit. According to the researchers at the University of Castilla La Mancha, Spain, women in executive teams always leads to greater creativity and better decisions.


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